In a long history of frontiers, the Midwest was Pittsburgh’s first.

It was from Pittsburgh’s three rivers that early pioneers embarked into uncharted territory. Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis & Clark renown, started his expedition here. The very first Mississippi steamboat was built and launched in a Pittsburgh shipyard. From the beginning, Pittsburgh has been a gateway to the Midwest.

Since then, Pittsburgh’s frontiers have only expanded. It became a foundry of industry, leading advances in steel, aluminum, and electrical engineering. It stood at the forefront when industrial design emerged, and then, when the computer revolution arrived, it was here that researchers laid the cornerstones of human-computer interaction.

Today, the boundaries Pittsburgh pushes are more diverse than ever — robotics, health care, biotechnology, ubiquitous computing, gaming, machine learning, urban planning, maker culture. Not to mention wellsprings in art, food, craft, and entrepreneurship.


The New Hazlett Theater

Built in 1889, the New Hazlett Theater has a long history of changing with the times, much like the city of Pittsburgh itself. It’s been a music hall, a library, a sanctuary, a hub for the arts. And come October, this thriving and active community gem will be the primary venue for MWUX15. We can’t wait for you to see it.


The Grand Hall at the Priory

It’s not every conference venue that has 80-foot high rolling barrel vaults and arches, massive wooden front doors, and intricate stained glass … but that’s the Grand Hall at the Priory, which will host one of our program tracks. Built as St. Mary’s Church in 1854 by German immigrants, the Grand Hall was for years at the center of Pittsburgh’s “Deutschtown” section before it was restored in the 1990s as an event facility. If you think the architecture is stirring, just wait until you hear our MWUX15 speakers.


The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

No matter your age, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh delights and inspires. Named one of the nation’s top 10 children’s museums by Parents magazine, this unique venue connects two historic buildings, a post office and planetarium, in what’s now a green-certified facility whose entrance is screened by a shimmering wind sculpture. What, you were expecting a conference center?


Carnegie Mellon University

To the world, Carnegie Mellon is a leader in science, engineering and technology education and research. To us, CMU’s campus in the bustling Oakland neighborhood is a cornerstone of Pittsburgh’s intellectual and business economies, and it is an engine within our design community. MWUX15 attendees will learn by doing at the Cohon University Center, which offers top-notch spaces, facilities, and amenities for workshops.