Get Your Hands Dirty

Get Your Hands Dirty


Think, draw, embrace, joke, leverage, defend…grit, magic, trenches, games, curiosity, sharks…complex, dirty, awesome, real, thriving, honest.

OK, you’ve piqued our interest.

The submissions are rolling in and it’s a great time to be a Midwest UX Program reviewer. The UX community does not disappoint when it comes to submitting proposals. We’re pouring over fascinating topics and the beginnings of an engaging, compelling conference experience are emerging. We’re excited about the potential for the gathering of people and exchange of ideas that will happen in October. Thank you. And keep them coming.

People, ideas…and things. One of the great parts about practicing UX design is that our discipline has this wonderful balance of thinking and doing; reflecting and making. And let’s face it, we have some pretty cool techniques and methods that we can deploy to get our work done. We want to celebrate this aspect of our discipline at this year’s Midwest UX conference with our Hands-On sessions. These sessions highlight skills, methods, and techniques that UXers can practice in order to capture ideas, understand people, facilitate decision-making, present solutions, reach consensus…you get the idea. What can you share with colleagues about effective ways you’ve found to do your work? Do you have a method for fast-but-thorough note-taking while engaging with users? What’s your secret weapon for visually summarizing research data? What’s the closest you’ve come to waving a magic wand to convert sketches into low-fi prototypes? What are your favorite templates? (The only thing a UXer loves more than a whiteboard is a template.)

Convert your insights into a Hands-On session and show your colleagues what you’ve got. Attendee feedback from previous conferences shows that people crave learning new skills. These 40-minute sessions will provide attendees with some practical methods that they can try back at work. We’re prepared to set up our venue with small-group seating around tables to facilitate digging in and collaborating on-the-spot if that helps. We’ve got you covered.

C’mon. Get your hands dirty. You know you want to. Submit your proposal today.