Bill Bernstein, Author at Midwest UX Conference 2015

Midwest UX Experience

I heard about the Midwest UX Conference from a couple of seasoned local UX designers at an IxDA Pittsburgh morning coffee hang-out in the spring of 2012. At that point, it was the second year of this affordable, regional conference-with-a-friendly-face. People seemed pumped to see it continue, build, and grow. As a junior designer, mid-transition from industrial design into user experience design, I thought this might be a good place to soak up some of the best UX thinking.

I set the ticket money aside (refreshingly not-so-difficult, for an event of its scale!) and booked an affordable hotel room. It wasn’t too late for me to get a couple of vacation days onto the office calendar—with the workshops I’d attend, there was a clear training element. This would be easy.

But what would the Midwest UX Conference experience be like?

In Columbus, I found a welcoming, knowledgeable group of people from far and wide (the Midwest is big—just ask us over here in Pittsburgh, on the far edge of it!) who were happy to share wisdom, valuable lessons, and practical tips from their more advanced careers. It was like that morning UX coffee hang-out, but with the UX community multiplied by 30.

Midwest UX is the mid-sized, people-oriented conference you’ve been waiting for.

If you haven’t been to a broader industry event in awhile, or even if you’ve been to an international conference recently, you will enjoy and appreciate your experience at Midwest UX. I was surprised at the impact even one workshop had on me and on the teammates I shared my knowledge with post-conference.

Regardless of where you are in your professional UX journey, I suspect it will be one of the experiences that cements 2015 as a memorable, banner year for you. See you in Pittsburgh!

Mobile Cuisine at Midwest UX

Midwest UX is the perfect place for an assembly of food trucks from some of Pittsburgh’s most eclectic eateries. They’ll be outside conference venues Friday during lunch break. We’ll post about Saturday’s lunch options soon.

Two of them, Mac & Gold and the Pittsburgh Pierogi, are all-mobile, so lines move quickly and you’ll be enjoying their respective specialties in no time. Mac & Gold’s specialty mac and cheeses can’t be beat and if you’ve never eaten a pierogi, the Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck is making some of the best.

Known for its gourmet burgers and handcrafted shakes, BRGR will pull up to the curb, ready to serve. If franks and frites are more your speed, Franktuary will have ‘em. They also have vegetarian hot dogs and Randita’s all-vegan food truck menu will have more yummy options.

An entrée, side, and a beverage from one truck is included with your registration — just use the lunch ticket in your welcome packet.